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Writing Center Coordinators

Desiree Evans

Desiree holds a graduate degree in English Literature from Fordham University and is currently working on her doctorate in English Education at Columbia University.. She is a passionate advocate of gender equality and spends a fair amount of time researching international cultures and the global progress of women. Ultimately, she wishes to teach Literature to college students. Owing to her many talents – especially those related to song and dance – Desiree also dreams of being on Broadway.

Lilly Cordova

Lilly holds a graduate degree in Organizational Communication from Suffolk University in Boston, MA and has a passion for learning new languages, new words, and their etymology. She enjoys teaching, writing, and helping others to improve their writing skills. Lilly spends a good portion of her time in volunteer educational work and believes that everyone has the potential to excel if they put forth the needed effort and are willing to do their share in the learning process.

Konstance Teleisha

Konstance is a graduate of the City College of New York’s M.A. in Language and Literacy.  She really enjoys working in writing centers.  She has worked in two CUNY Writing Centers as a tutor, and she is excited to continue working in this field at Hostos Community College.  Konstance also enjoys reading fiction and suspense novels.  However, her favorite novel is Jane Eyre, which she has read too many times to count.

Writing Center Managers

Bryant Contreras

Above all else Bryant is a problem solver. He is constantly learning in order to help others reach their true potential and fulfill their dreams. His favorite book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is about a boy’s dreams coming true.

Delsy Vargas-Ortiz

Delsy is currently completing her Bachelors in Music and Studio Art at City College. An avid reader of the New York Times, Delsy is particularly interested in researching the effects of music on a child’s ability to learn. With this knowledge, she hopes to open an elementary school that incorporates music in academic learning. She is a big fan of constructive criticism and the growth that results from it.

Ibrahim Alhashidi

Ibrahim hopes to serve his community by becoming a lawyer and a professor. Though Ibrahim is both a writer and a traveler, above all else he is an adventurer. Perhaps this is why his favorite book is The Count of Monte Christo. He enjoys talking about Global History, Politics, the evolution of languages, writing and poetry. One day, he will write about his experiences as an immigrant.

Kevin Campbell

Kevin graduated from Hostos in 2013 and in currently in pursuit of a degree in Health Services Administration at Lehman College. His reading interests range from spirituality to finance. Kevin loves house music, trading options and spending time with friends and family.

Writing Center Tutors

Faith Brown

Faith is a student at Hostos Community College majoring in Medical Office Management.  She is an avid reader and writer.  Her favorite book is 1984 because it is grim and applicable to everyday life.  She feels great satisfaction helping others.

Adelyn Castro

Adelyn is a future History professor with a keen interest in Latin-American Politics after the 1950’s. Her favorite book is Sonya Sotomayor’s My Beloved and she most often reads the New York Times because of the breadth of topics it covers. She was almost named Fidel but is happier with the less controversial first name Adelyn.

Helen Dano

Helen is a poet who is passionate about helping students from underserved communities realize their true academic potential. She enjoys reading the style section of the NYTimes and researching the history and literature of her home country, Hawaii.

Edmund Zeresha

Zeresha is currently studying to be a dental hygienist. Over the past five years, she has worked in several libraries and archives including those at Hostos Community College, Hamilton College, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, and Story Corps. Zeresha hopes to continue supporting the creation and activities of community-based archives, particularly amongst groups who have historically had less control in shaping their own narratives. She is very enthusiastic about her two favorite authors, Zadie Smith and Jonathan Coe, who she will gush over if given the chance.

Latifa Jones

Latifa is a Certified ESL Teacher. She enjoys reading inspirational materials that contributes to her growth and development.   She is passionate about helping other people reach their full potential and is equally passionate about taking moments of her life for quiet reflection and introspection.

Levine-Justicia Gabe

Gabe received his B.A. in Psychology at CUNY Lehman College and will go on to get a Master’s Degree in either Social Work or Forensic Psychology. He played baseball in college and enjoys playing his keyboard and guitar as well as spending time with his family and binge watching the Discovery, History and National Geographic channels. He also enjoys watching baseball and staying in shape.

Sarah Key

Sarah Key is a writer who likes slipping in and out of different genres from cookbooks to essays to poems to short fiction. Eight of her cookbooks have been published, six in a series of movie-themed cookbooks called The Hollywood Hotplates and two for the ice cream parlor Serendipity. Currently, she has eight essays on the Huffington Post ( and over twenty poems in print and online publications such as Poet Lore, Enizagam, Prelude, and one in a new anthology called My Cruel Invention

Mabel Marte-Taveras

Mabel is studying to be a doctor, but one day hopes to write fictional novels and own a bookstore. Mabel is particularly good at writing about Science topics. In her free time (of which there is not much), she enjoys researching historical buildings, especially ones with Gothic architecture. She is also fascinated with the idea of living forever and would like to write a paper titled “The Next Step of Human Evolution: Immortality?”

Kevan Nieratka

Kevan has loved working for the Writing Center for over five years. He greatly appreciates the hardworking, motivated students that Hostos has exposed him to. He is a graduate of Lehman College and is very active in the NYC nightlife.

JC Perez

A philosopher at heart, JC has a keen interest in travelling the world. Ever resourceful, JC excels at solving students’ writerly problems. Despite his keen interest in poker and general fun, JC spends a large amount of his time researching ethical questions on student debt and government responsibility, amongst other topics.  

Reynoso, Denise

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Evelyn Sierra

Evelyn is currently studying to be a nurse practitioner and hopes to open up a free pediatric clinic/s for underserved community/ies. Evelyn is an excellent writer with sharp reading and comprehension skills. The last book she read was Polio: An American Story.

Valdes-Portela, Michel

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